⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Children: How To Keep Them Busy at a Wedding Reception

Keeping Children Busy at a Wedding Reception

Including children in your wedding party is a given. What bride and groom doesn’t want to have a young child as their ring bearer and their flower girl? During the ceremony children are occupied and happy to sit and watch the nuptials take place. It is usually at the wedding reception that issues can arise, most of these are because the children get bored. So how do we remedy that?

One of the easiest ways is to have some type of activity for the children to do. This can include giving them a coloring book and crayons at their place setting. Or you may want to set up a small table that has different activities on it. This works really well if a number of children will be present.

wedding party kids coloring

Don’t forget that you can make even the simplest activities more interesting if they are presented in the right way. This includes putting all the items into a box, suitcase or lunch box for them. This also gives them an additional gift to take home with them.

If you are holding your reception outside you could even think about setting up an small tent for all of the children. Again they can sit and camp out, eat their food and mingle with other kids around their own wedding campsite.

Disposable cameras and holding a scavenger hunt can really help to entertain children of all ages. You may even want to set up some type of carnival or fair game such as a ring toss.

wedding party childen play

What about holding a sack race or a three legged race? Other ideas that are perfect for a summer wedding include hoola hoop competitions, running races or even mini golf. Of course some of these activities would need to be supervised. This could be done by a teenager or just by sharing responsibilities amongst the parents, everyone supervises for an hour at a time.

If you anticipate any type of problems with the children being bored during the meal time try creating centerpieces that will hold their attention. This might be a small gift pack that they get after the meal is finished for example.

Don’t forget that young children may need a nap, so having somewhere quiet for them to go is important. You could even take along their sleeping bags to add excitement to their day. What child doesn’t love to camp out?

wedding sleepy children

As you can see it isn’t that hard to keep your children busy at any wedding. This aspect is just one that often gets overlooked ahead of time. So if you know you are taking your children with you plan out some activities for them. This way everyone will have an enjoyable and memorable day.

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