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OliviaKateCouture Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas

Ideas For Wedding Reception Table Decorations

If there is one thing that the thoughtful wedding designer or couple needs to capture the mood, it’s having right wedding reception table decorations. When done properly, all of the guests at the wedding will, to some extent, feel the spirit of love. Having the wrong decorations will take away from that happy feeling. While table decorations are an important aspect of one’s wedding reception, it’s not always easy to come up with ideas for centerpieces. Sometimes all that’s needed, though, are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

The good news is that there is no shortage of ways available to begin generating ideas for the general look of the centerpiece. The most logical starting point is to consider any themes that the bride and groom have already chosen, and match or complement the table decorations accordingly. Such themes can run the gamut from the couple’s tastes in movies, literature or sports, to ones based upon the season in which the couple are to be married. If you are lucky enough to be design around a theme, then it’s fairly simple. All you have to do is break down the theme into its various elements then build your decorations from there.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a theme to go on, and have to come up with something more general, or pull the ideas from thin air, that’s okay. There are still some tricks you can use to ensure that the table decorations will look good.

Virtually every wedding has a specific number of guests, give or take a few. If you know how many will be attending, then this is a good start. You can set up personalized seating cards that contain a single quoted line from your wedding vows. This is especially effective if any part of the vows were written by the happy couple themselves. Either way, it’s a simple way to add a touch of class and romance at the same time.

If centerpieces will be used at the tables, they should capture the essence of the theme or symbolize the couple’s love in some way. While centerpieces don’t have to be carbon copies of each other, they should have the same look and fit in with each other in some way. Something as simple as sprinkling confetti or flower petals around each centerpiece can tie them all together. Maybe you’re wondering why someone would spend so much time on something that’s seemingly unimportant. People like to know that some care went into the planning of the big day because it shows the couple are taking their vows seriously, and you thought they were just wedding reception table decorations!

One final piece of advice: While wedding reception table decorations are important, it’s even more important to have fun. Using the above tips will help you to be less stressed about the decorations, and focus more on the real reasons for the celebration, and that’s two people starting a new life of happiness together.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Getting Organized from the Ground Up

Event Planning: Getting Organized from the Ground Up

When done carefully and correctly, event planning can be one of the most fun times that anyone has ever had! Event planning involves coordinating functions and putting together the things that go with them. For example, if a whole school is visiting the zoo or a museum for the day then there naturally has to be event planning done on the parts of the teachers and perhaps the parents of the students. On the other hand, there are some events that many people choose to designate out to an event planner, such as a wedding ceremony, reception, or even a music artist’s tour!

However, there are definitely some things that one must know about event planning before starting to plan a large occasion all by themselves! Chances are that you wouldn’t want someone to walk to a blind situation without knowing what to do and the same goes for those who know little to nothing about event planning. Nevertheless, though, planning events and making sure that everything goes according to schedule doesn’t have to be difficult, but it only takes a little bit of organization to get things into steady motion!

Wedding Organizing

Calling All Caterers!

Probably the first thing that you will want to check off of your event planning list is the placing of the telephone calls to different individuals who will be responsible for many things at the event. For example, if transportation is needed then there will need to be efforts in order to coordinate rides for everyone going on the trip. In addition, there will also need to be calls placed to speakers, if there are any, entertainers, as well as food caterers in order to have food for the event! Taking this step should actually be the first thing on your list to make sure there will be enough activity going on! On the other hand, doing all of this the week, or even two weeks before the event is not nearly enough time to have everything coordinated!

wedding food, cooks, catering

Securing Reservations!

No matter what type of event you’ll be planning chances are that you’ll need to make some sort of reservations in order to accommodate all of the participants that are planning to attend! A wedding rehearsal dinner is a perfect example where reservations need to be made, but there are plenty of other occasions where this step of event planning comes in. Family reunions are large gatherings that also usually require some sort of reservation made at the shelter of a park!

All in all, securing reservations and making sure all of the plans are in place as far as the actual activities at the event goes are two very crucial thing to having complete organization for your event. Some of the other important issues includes having the right amount of food and enough room for each guest, just to name a couple! Nevertheless, though, the key to event planning is the organizational work that goes into all the work before the date of the event arrives!

wedding invitations

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Candy Gift Baskets

Candy Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are probably one of the most favorite gifts to give away simply because they are not only fun to buy or make, but they’re also fun to receive. Just the thought of receiving a bunch of different small things, or a lot of one single thing, is enough to make someone happy at the gift that they got. The holiday times are when gift baskets are usually given, but of course gift baskets can be purchased for numerous other occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion that gift baskets may seem appropriate to give.

There are all sorts of ideas for creating your own gift basket to give away to someone, but one idea that is actually frequently used by many people throughout the world is a candy gift basket. Unless you’re buying a gift for someone that’s intentionally on a diet or just can’t stand candy for some reason, candy is usually always well-received! Here are some ideas for filling the gift basket you’re about to give with some of the best candy in a candy store:

Assorted Colorful Candy

Filling the Bottom

Perhaps one of the important things to do when filling a gift basket is to make sure there is plenty of stuff on the bottom of the gift basket to enjoy. Many gift baskets simply have a soft padding, such as shredded paper or even tissue paper lying in the bottom, but for a candy gift basket one suggestion to use would be to fill the bottom with M&Ms or little chocolate candy pieces such as those. It doesn’t matter whether they’re taken out of the wrapper or not, though, but if they were dumped out of the wrapper for the gift basket then chances are that they are going to be used simply for decoration anyway. But an M&M chocolate bottom can be used to hold the rest of the candy in the gift basket.

M&Ms colorful candy

The Heart of the Gift Basket

The next thing that you’ll want to get to is the heart and body of the actual gift basket that you’re making. There are plenty of options here, but the best thing to do would be to take a trip to the candy store and spend just a set amount of money on candy altogether. Little candy bars can be thrown in, candy mints, gummy worm and other gummy candies, as well as a whole bunch of other option. The best thing to remember, though, is to fill the gift basket to the brim if you’re going to make it right!

After you’re all done filling the bottom of the gift basket, as well as the main part that the recipient will see then it is time to buy a few other large pieces of candy so that they’ll lay neatly on top. Choices for this can either be King Size candy bars, big packages of variety packs of candy, licorice sticks, and just anything that would fit neatly on the top of the basket.

Of course you’ll also probably want to wrap the gift basket in shrink wrap so that none of the candy falls out. You can obviously wrap the basket with a nice bow or ribbon for presentation and to secure the shrink wrap, but the essential directions of the candy gift basket should be adhered to as described above!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Children: How To Keep Them Busy at a Wedding Reception

Keeping Children Busy at a Wedding Reception

Including children in your wedding party is a given. What bride and groom doesn’t want to have a young child as their ring bearer and their flower girl? During the ceremony children are occupied and happy to sit and watch the nuptials take place. It is usually at the wedding reception that issues can arise, most of these are because the children get bored. So how do we remedy that?

One of the easiest ways is to have some type of activity for the children to do. This can include giving them a coloring book and crayons at their place setting. Or you may want to set up a small table that has different activities on it. This works really well if a number of children will be present.

wedding party kids coloring

Don’t forget that you can make even the simplest activities more interesting if they are presented in the right way. This includes putting all the items into a box, suitcase or lunch box for them. This also gives them an additional gift to take home with them.

If you are holding your reception outside you could even think about setting up an small tent for all of the children. Again they can sit and camp out, eat their food and mingle with other kids around their own wedding campsite.

Disposable cameras and holding a scavenger hunt can really help to entertain children of all ages. You may even want to set up some type of carnival or fair game such as a ring toss.

wedding party childen play

What about holding a sack race or a three legged race? Other ideas that are perfect for a summer wedding include hoola hoop competitions, running races or even mini golf. Of course some of these activities would need to be supervised. This could be done by a teenager or just by sharing responsibilities amongst the parents, everyone supervises for an hour at a time.

If you anticipate any type of problems with the children being bored during the meal time try creating centerpieces that will hold their attention. This might be a small gift pack that they get after the meal is finished for example.

Don’t forget that young children may need a nap, so having somewhere quiet for them to go is important. You could even take along their sleeping bags to add excitement to their day. What child doesn’t love to camp out?

wedding sleepy children

As you can see it isn’t that hard to keep your children busy at any wedding. This aspect is just one that often gets overlooked ahead of time. So if you know you are taking your children with you plan out some activities for them. This way everyone will have an enjoyable and memorable day.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ How to Find an Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding an Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring can be very expensive. Even though it is not something that you want to skimp on, you would still like to save money if possible. Knowing where and how to shop for a diamond ring can easily reduce your bill and still make your fiancé happy!

When shopping for any diamond online you must look beyond the price. It is far more important to purchase a quality diamond. This can be done by understanding what the cut and clarity of the diamond is.

Any good diamond retailer will provide you with a diamond certificate. This is not an appraisal of the diamond but a history of where the diamond was found and how it was cut. It is basically a record of the diamond. Whereas an appraisal is telling you what the current value of the diamond is.

* Sample Certificate issued by AGS *

When shopping for your diamond engagement ring if you look for quality then you will end up with a ring that provides you with the best value for your money. Your next step is to set yourself a budget and then stick to what you can afford.

Shopping online gives you the best selection of diamonds together with the best prices. Online stores don’t have as many overheads and staff members. So they can afford to sell diamonds at a better price. Because of the competition between online stores you may find that prices are slashed even further. This benefits you as the end line consumer. 




When you find the style and cut of diamond engagement ring that you like, then shop around to compare prices and quality. Many times you may find the exact same ring at a different retailer for a lower price. This is sometimes due to flaws in the diamond. Many flaws are so minute and invisible to the human eye, but the flaw is there so the price is dropped. This can also allow you to purchase a larger carat diamond at a much cheaper price. So keep your options open and look around for deals and bargains.

If you would prefer to see your diamond engagement ring in person you can go browsing at your local jewelry store first. Then when you are confident in what you want see who has the best prices online for the same ring. You could always return to your local store and see if they are prepared to do a price match! It never hurts to ask.

Remember take the quality of the diamond into consideration along with the price. Don’t discount diamond engagement rings with tiny flaws or discoloration. No one will know they are there but you. Plus you have the satisfaction of knowing that your diamond is the best quality that you could afford. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wedding Cake Icing

OliviaKateCouture Wedding Cake

4 Things to Consider with Wedding Cake Icing

Wedding cake icing seems like a small and relatively unimportant part of the overall wedding planning process. Most want their cake to look good, but are more worried about the cost of the cake, the amount of cake available, and the flavor of the cake. The frosting will actually affect most of these aspects of the cake. Icing will affect the cost of the cake and the flavor of the cake. This highlights the importance of your wedding cake frosting choices. These four aspects to consider will help you to be creative while finding the best look and flavor for your cake.

Use Fondant

Fondant has been on the wedding cake market for some time. Many use Fondant for their cakes to give them a clean and modern look. Fondant may be perfect for your wedding cake. The fondant icing is edible, and will give your cake the elegant look and feel that it needs.

Flavor the Icing

One thing that you may want to consider with your icing is the flavor. Most will stick with the usual flavors found in icings. These flavors are well known, and are found in basic icings such as buttercream icing or royal icing. If you want to try something new, flavor these icings with new or unusual frostings. Some will use extracts, such as almond extract or lemon extract, to give the frosting more flavor.

Use Interesting Colors

Many will stick with the basic white color for the frosting for their wedding cakes. One of the easiest ways to be creative with wedding cakes is to deviate from this tradition. Try colored frosting or colored fondant to give your cake a more unique feel.

Play With the Cake Type

Wedding cakes generally stick with plain flavors to ensure that all of their guests can find a flavor that they enjoy. One of the best ways to have a unique cake is to play with the type of cake that you have for your wedding cake. Try different flavors for different cake tiers. Try new and interesting flavors that you may not usually consider. Then, play with the frosting flavors. Use the frosting flavor to play off of the cake flavor. This juxtaposition will give your wedding cake a unique taste.

There are multiple options for you to choose from for the icing for your wedding cake . Most will go with the usual buttercream icing or royal icing. Many fail to realize that they can spice up these usual frostings with flavors and colors. The theme and colors of your wedding may be a perfect guide for you to tweak and change your frosting.

Take a risk with your wedding cake by making it stand out. By breaking the norms and thinking out of the box, you can have an interesting and memorable wedding cake.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fall Wedding Decorations

OliviaKateCouture Fall Weddings

Fall Wedding Decorations Can Spice Up Your Marriage Ceremony

Planning fall wedding decorations could be one of the hardest things to do if you don’t take the beauty and atmosphere of fall into account. Each season (including fall) is after all, unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Spring is a season for renewal, with shades of green on its banner, while winter enjoys light colors like white and blue. The summer colors fly across the red and orange range, with fall taking on deeper shades of those colors. In literature, the season of fall often symbolizes both the end of something and the beginning of a new life, exactly what a wedding symbolizes for both bride and groom.

Fall’s themes, while common if one examines day-to-day life, aren’t exactly a common topic of conversation. Thus, even experienced wedding and marriage planners or friends could hiccup when it comes to planning a celebration during this season. Not to worry, the following is a short list of ideas that could spark the imagination and help anyone make a fine setting for any lovely couple.

Wedding Decorators

Fall wedding decorations usually incorporate the fallen leaves that give the season its name. Decorators could take to lining the marriage aisle and the altar with red or orange leaves. Using actual fallen leaves may be good if the ceremonies would occur outdoors, but it isn’t suggested in a cathedral or a church. Many wedding stores or decoration stores actually offer cloth leaves or leaves made of other materials. Leaves aren’t the only option for fall wedding decorations. Some flowers and plants give off the same air and atmosphere, such as ferns or wheat. For the aforementioned outdoor wedding scenario, you could choose a wooded area to further emphasize the season.

Pumpkins also bring with them the fall atmosphere due to their color. Mini pumpkins rank among the best fall wedding decorations you could use. These cute decorations from nature could be used to hold place cards. Other useable vegetables and fruits include the tasty squash and gourds. A nice fall themed centerpiece for the tables during the reception could be made of a votive candle and several leaves. The leaves should be non-flammable of course, to make sure that your fall wedding decorations don’t explode into a balls of flames.

Designs and Decorations

The designs and decorations in this theme can be changed to suit your tastes and needs. The most important aspect of any customization you wish to make is the color. Colors, as said beforehand, can set off the theme of the seasons simply by being there. A savvy decorator could even design the catering and the food around the color, with red wine and red meat.

A wedding should be one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Having the best fall wedding decorations possible makes that a whole lot easier. When the stage is set and the and the wedding presentation is just right, the loving couple is free to focus on their love for each other on that special day. An atmosphere appropriate to the event can easily make the difference between a good wedding and a truly unforgettable one. Making the right decisions about fall wedding decorations can ensure that happens.

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